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Cambodia Lottery Corporation, Limited (CLC) was incorporated in October 1992 and licensed by the National Committee for Foreign Investment and Ministry of Finance to conduct and operate lottery.

Overseas Subscribers Agents has been entering players into overseas Government Lotteries, and collecting and sending them their winnings since 1992. Over 150,000 international players have taken advantage of this service, and many still continue to enter their favorite Lotteries with their special numbers.

CLC doesn't make false claims, and doesn't touch a cent of your winnings. When you enter a National Lottery through CLC, you do so with complete confidence that your entry will be processed by authorized Lottery Agents, licensed by the government of the country in which the Lottery is held.

CLC keeps you updated on all current Jackpots and Draw results so you can join in whenever you want. The company processes your entry, and then collects and sends you your cash winnings IN FULL. No hidden commissions, no false claims, no empty promises. Just efficient, reliable service performed with uncompromising integrity.

CLC takes no commissions or fees of any sort from any Lottery winnings collected by its players. With CLC, what you win - is what you keep.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Overseas Subscribers Agents, in common with other legitimate agents for overseas government lotteries, are deeply concerned by the proliferation of lottery scams being offered through direct mail and email around the world.

Not only do the opportunists who operate these scams deceive thousands of people and steal money from them under false pretences, but they tarnish the integrity of the entire lottery industry. Recently, more than one scam operator has even copied the logo and materials of CLC to carry out their criminal activity under the cloak of respectability.

When you win a Prize in a Lottery you have legitimately entered through CLC, you'll be called and asked only how and where you want your full cash winnings to be sent. The actual prize remittance to the bank of your choice is a FREE SERVICE offered by CLC. You will never be asked by CLC to send money in the form of "processing fees" or "taxes" to claim your prize.

If you're ever in doubt about a Lottery offer you receive by phone, postal mail or email, please check first with CLC. NEVER SEND MONEY TO CLAIM A PRIZE FOR A LOTTERY YOU HAVE NOT ENTERED.

To find out more about how to identify if a communication you have received is a scam, please visit our Scamwatch page.

Cambodia Lottery Corporation, Limited (CLC)

Cambodia Lottery Corporation, Limited (CLC)
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